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Search by the period of a rate during which the rate is active, expired, etc., as compared with to data specified in the next field. The following states are available to choose from a drop-down list:

  • current on - search includes rates that are active for specified data
  • old for - search rates that are expired for specified data
  • future for - the future rates compared with specified data
  • current/new - includes current and future rates
  • all - includes all rates
Code/NameSearch by the title or code
TagSearch by an assigned tag
Imported FileSearch by the title of an imported file, choose a file from the drop-down list of all available. If the list is empty, there is no imported files.
Difference Status

Search by the cost changes of the rate. The following types are available to choose from drop-down list:

  • Decreased
  • Increased
  • Not changed
  • New

Search by the state of the rate:

  • active
  • stashed (not confirmed). This state means that the rate is not used for the billing or routing process.
RateSearch by the rate, the price interval could be specified
Setup FeeSearch by the setup fee of the rate, the interval could be specified
End DateSearch by the expiration date of the rate
Min VolumeSearch by the minimal volume of eveny that will be tariffed
IntervalSearch by the tariffication interval
ProfileSearch by the time profile of the rate
Grace VolumeSearch by the interval of the free time
Number LengthSearch by the length of destination number