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  • Two features have been added to Rates page of Client Panel:

    1. Now, you can choose a target account from a drop-down list of all your accounts in Owner field. Therefore, a respective rate table will be displayed.
    2. In Service Name field, you can filter rate table data not only by Service Name, but also by respective Service Code.

Screenshot: Rates page


  • While creating a new package, you can define its type in Type field: 
    • Customer - this type indicates that services are provided to customers by user's company.
    • Vendor this type indicates that services are provided to user's company by vendors.

Screenshot: Type field

Minor Updates


In the newest version, a set of roles permissions in Roles section has been slighly expanded. Now, Billing data checkbox is available not only for Summary and Orig-Term Reports, but for xDRs List and Routing Analysis as well. When unchecked,  the above-mention reports upon generation won't contain any financial data: rates, taxes, profit, etc.

Rate Tables

  • On the second step of rates import, in Import Settings with enabled AZ mode, user now can set a negative AZ interval (days) field value in order to close active rates with a past date.

Screenshot: Import Settings


  • Earlier, during rate import, if Notes field contained any markers, specified in Close rates marked by field of Settings section, such rate would be closed. In VCS 3.16.0, this feature has been added to Rate field as well.


When receiving xDRs report response through CoreAPI, three additional columns have been added:

  • src_party_id 
  • rate_total
  • custom 

Parameters rendering in batch requests removed
For the purpose of complying with JSON-RPC 2.0 specification, we have removed previously deprecated previously existent feature of parameters rendering within batch requests. There is a very little chance that this change may affect you except if you've used CoreAPI integration with batch requests and {$0.x.y.z} syntax for substitution of the parameters.

Provisioning API

In order to prevent performance degradation and data inconsistency, affected by external side, Before event type has been removed deprecated from Provisioning API section. With an unpdate to the latest version, all existing clients' handlers with Before event type will be substituted by identical handlers with After event type instead.


System Inforamation information block in client's profile has been renamed to General Settings for a higher convenience.

Screenshot: Client's profile

Clients Packages

To facilitate user's experience in the Clients Packages section, a new ID field has been added.

Screenshot: ID field

Archive Management

A range of improvements has been added to the system for the sake of speeding up Archive Management page rendering.