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For support and upgrades by JeraSoft Team, keep a separate 'jerasupport' account with a strong password. We recommend disabling it when not needed.

Software Requirements


Please keep only “/” and “/boot” partitions. It is recommended to allocate most of the space to the “/” partition.

Date & Time Configuration


Timezone for JeraSoft VCS servers should be set to UTC all the time. If you need to get data in other another timezone, use JeraSoft VCS settings to configure it.


(warning)   Attention

You can find a detailed description on how to switch timezone of your server to UTC here:How to switch time zone in UTC on the server properly?


  1. Current Load (load average more than 75% of CPU cores number is critical)
  2. HTTPS (site accessibility)
  3. Disk space (less than 30% of the amount is critical)
  4. Swap Usage (more than 10% is critical)
  5. RAID Array State (consistency of the array for your adapter)
  6. Running Processes when using RADIUS (vcs-bbradiusd at least 3 processes running)
  7. Running Processes when using SIP Redirect (vcs-bbsipd at least 3 processes running)