This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Smart Search

This tool is used to perform a search of any information within administrator interface inside current section. For example, you can search for clients, rates, etc.:


Screenshot: Smart Search panel


Note: Smart Search panel will not be present in every section of the system. It's available only in sections that contain listed information – Clients section, Rate Tables, etc.


Some sections allow the use of advanced search function, that is activated by clicking on arrow button



For quick launch of any system section indirectly, you can use the SmartBar shortcut panel. It is always situated in the upper part of the window, next to listing of system's sections:


Screenshot: The SmartBar


To add a shortcut of any section to SmartBar, press “+” button near section's name. To remove the shortcut, press “-” button at same location.



To have access to fast-changing system information system features the information panel – InfoBar:


Screenshot: The InfoBar


It is situated at top-right part of the screen and displays the following information: not responding nodes, CPU load, active services, high load tasks, CDR queue, rerating CDR queue, current time and date and messages regarding your VCS license expiring or new product versions available.

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