This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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In order to prepare VCS to work, you need to perform following steps. They include:

  • Integration with VoIP gateway – a necessary procedure which will allow VCS to collect data from one or more VoIP gateways of your choice. To perform this procedure, please consult Integration Manual;

  • Parameters check – please access Configuration - Settings section of your VCS and check default system parameters such as date format, timezone, etc. and change them if needed. You can read more about Settings section further in this document;

  • Company information – fill your company profile with logo and other related information, which will be displayed in invoices. To perform this step, access Management – Resellers section;

  • Currencies setup – if you plan to use more than one currency, access Configuration – Currencies section, and add more currencies;

  • Proceed with filling VCS with relevant information – from this point you may start filling your VCS with customers, providers, rate tables and perform all other operations which should be performed on working system. This document covers every operation that can be associated with this step.

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