This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Users List

This section displays system's registered users, see a screenshot below: 


Screenshot: Users list main window

ActiveUsers status
LoginUsers accounts name

Owners to whom users belong

Full nameMailto links of users

User role that determines the access level or permissions

Adding New User

You can add new user by clicking the “New User” button. Then, in pop-up window, you need to specify login, password, user's full name, e-mail, and configure his access rights (so called “roles”) .

Don't forget to specify a reseller that this user will represent. By doing so you will allow new user to see and manipulate only clients, rate tables and other specific data that belong to specified reseller and his agents (for example, if you create client under Reseller A, which already has Agent A under him, this user will only see clients that belong to Reseller A and Agent A etc).

Click “OK” to add new user.

Screenshot: Adding new user window

LoginSpecify a user login.
PasswordDefine a password
RoleSelect a role for a user from drop down list
"Disabled" checkboxCheck if you need to temporary restrict access to the system for a user
Full nameEnter a user name. Please note that "Full name" is a mailto link displayed in "Users" section
E-mailSpecify a user e-mail
ResellerSelect a reseller for a user
Allowed IPsEnter IPs or subnets, one record per line, i.e. user will have access to the system only if he/she logs in via specified IPs

Tip 1: Each user can have only one assigned role for.

Tip 2: We strongly recommend avoiding non-latin characters in login/passwords at the creating of users. 

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