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This tab allows assigning already existed DID numbers to a certain clients' account.

Screenshot: DIDs section 


DIDList of DID numbers
StatusStatus of current DID
Assigned toShows clients' accounts whom the current DID number is assigned to
Package nameList of packages
 Click this icon to start the DID
 Click this icon to pause the DID
 Click this icon to hold the DID

"Add DID" Button

To assign a DID number, click the "Add DID" button, then specify an account, package and a DID number. 

The "Add DID" button is visible only if a client has at least one account and activated package. You can assign only defined number of DIDs, the number which you previously specified during package creation.

Detailed instructions on how to create a DID number you can find in the DID Management section, chapter "To create DID Number".

 Steps to create a DID number
  1. Go to Retail – DID Management – "Operators List" tab. Create one or more operators (DID providers).

  2. Open the DID Management section, add one or more DID numbers with tags.
    Make sure that these DID's are put in “in stock” state. You can also use the “Import DID's” button.

  3. Go to Retail – Packages section. Create a package, that will include tags specified in DID's settings and number of allowed DID's to be picked from it.

  4. Assign respective Package to the customer in the Client Packages section.

  5. Open the DIDs tab in the Clients section. Here, pick one or more DID numbers

This will effectively assign a DID number to one of the customer's accounts. Please note, that this functionality is switch dependent, and additional development or testing may be required.

Please contact JeraSoft Support team for help, if you have any doubts or questions.


Screenshot: "Add DID" button

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