This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Audit Log List

This section displays detailed information concerning all actions performed by users in VCS with Clients, Resellers, Accounts, Calling Cards (see screenshot below):

Screenshot: Audit Log section main window

Modification TimeData and time of made actions or modifications
ItemThe list of objects which were modified
ActionThe list of made actions: creation, modification or removal
ChangesThe list of changes and detailed information on what exactly were changed
DB ActionActions made in database
UserThis column shows the user name by whom manipulations were made
ContextIn what way manipulations were made, i.e. using Web interface or API

Quick Search toolbar in Audit Log section main window helps in finding items and actions made over item (for instance, make filtration by clients which were modified etc.). To open this form click on  arrow button.

Screenshot: Quick Search form

Using this tool, you can find logs separately corresponding to a respective action (creation/modification/removal) or according to context elements (Clients/Accounts/Calling Cards/Rate Tables/Invoices).

In the case when a client, reseller etc. was fully deleted, there is a possibility to see a state of this object at the time of its removal, so called Historic State, by clicking on its name in Item column respectively.

Screenshot: Historic State window

If you change the mail templates in the Reseller settings, these updates will not be displayed in the Audit logs.

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