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JeraSoft Development
 is excited to present a new major release of VCS v. 3.16.0. Our system has gone through a series of significant improvements to provide our customers with even more progressive system functional capabilities. The full list of changes is as follows:

Major Updates

Traffic Processing/Preset

By far the most important change that has been made to the system regard Traffic Processing and Preset sections. As a result of considerable rework, the two sections have been merged into a single Traffic Processing section that included functional capabilities of two. It must be admitted that not a single feature from the sections has been removed. On the contrary, not only did it include a full range of previous functional characteristics, but also provides users with a greater freedom for personal customization of their billing. To read a detailed description of Traffic Processing, check out our updated User Guide article. Below, you will find only a handful of features, the new Traffic Processing section has to offer:

  • In old Preset section, user could indicate both Origination and Termination clients/accounts for the same rule. Origin field in the new Traffic Processing section allows choosing only one side: either Origination of Termination. Therefore, while updating our clients to version 3.16.0, for those customers who had presets for both types of clients/accounts at once, two traffic processing rules will be created.
  • $rnd(xxx-yyy)$ variable for Src/Dst Replace has migrated to the new section unchanged.
  • Now, for LNP/MNP rules $lnp_original_number$ variable can be used.
  • To create a typical preset rule from earlier versions, in a new traffic processing creation form, user needs to choose After Rate type and Deny mode.

Screenshot: Traffic Processing section

(warning)   Attention

Be advised that with VCS 3.16.0 update, Presets counters in Factors Watcher section will be reset.

Data Sources

Another huge update in version 3.16.0 is a new Integration section - Data Sources. In previous VCS versions, data sources parameters, mostly regarding data import, were segmented into separate settings of the following sections:

  • Gateways section - Files Downloader and Gateway Type field in Gateway settings 
  • Resellers section - Email Rates Import Setting in Reseller's profile 
  • Rate Tables section - Automatic Email Import (login/password)  in rate tables Parameters tab

As a result, VCS user was forced to jump between sections to configure all these parameters. In 3.16.0, these settings have been either reworked or moved to the Data Source section, allowing to work with them in one place. This makes it easier for a user to create and configure one data source, and then use it throughout the whole system. A detailed description of a new section can be found here.

Screenshot: Data Sources section

Management API - XML-RPC removal

As it was announced in previous Release Notes of JeraSoft VoIP Carrier Suit, starting from this version, XML-RPC protocol in Management API has been completely removed. Currently, only JSON-RPC is supported.

Invoices Templates

While creating a new PDF template in Invoices Templates section, user can now work with a new Taxes Table group of functional variables to display collected taxes in an invoice. Taxes Table consists of the following variables:

  • {name} - Tax name
  • {value} - Tax value in percents
  • {effective_from} - Tax effective from date
  • {amount} - Tax amount

Screenshot: Taxes Table

In addition, a new default with taxes details template with included Taxes Table functional variables (see screenshot below) has been added to Invoices Templates section. 

Screenshot: Default with taxes details template

Reports Settings

In VCS 3.16.0, in Settings section, a new Reports Settings information block appeared. Currently, it consists of two checkboxes:

  • Round monetary value checkbox -  the checkbox has been moved from System Settings information block to Reports Settings.
  • Cross-gateway connection checkbox - applies to Orig-Term and Profit Reports. When marked, it allows concatenating of orig and term records from different gateways by Reports Generator tool.

Screenshot: Reports Settings

Number Portability

Number Portability section now obtained two additional tabs: Gateways and Downloads History

  • Gateway tab contains a list of 5 standard LNP/MNP gateways with the indication of its name and assigned data source (see screenshot below).
  • Downloads History tab displays the list of files, downloaded through LNP/MNP gateways.

Screenshot: Gateways tab

Balance Report

Prior to VCS 3.16.0, if Balance Report currency was, for instance, USD, and Client's currency - EUR,  both currencies would be displayed in 4 report columns: Start Balance, Debit, Credit, and End Balance. Now, Balance Report has doubled these columns: the first pair of columns is designed for report currency, the second one - for client's currency. Moreover, an additional Client Currency column has been added to the section (see screenshot below). These improvements make interpretation and analysis of report data easier and more convenient for a user.

Screenshot: Balance Report

Report Templates

In this version, Report Templates and Load Query button have been reworked to increase its functional versatility. You can now choose whether you wish to view report template by pressing  icon, or to run it with  icon.

Screenshot: Report Templates section

The identical functionality has been added to Load Query button in all reports sections. Now, by pressing the button, you'll be displayed a drop-down list of all available report templates with  icon opposite each of it. To view report template, click on a respective name on the list; to execute it -  click on corresponding  icon.

Screenshot: Load Query button


Client Panel

  • Now, when logging into Client Panel, user can choose interface language from a drop-down list.

Screenshot: Login Page

  • Previously, on Payments History page of Client Panel, user could review only transactions with payments type. Now, user can choose from the drop-down list whether payments or charges must be displayed on a page.
Screenshot: Payments History page

  • Two features have been added to Rates page of Client Panel:

    1. Now, you can choose a target account from a drop-down list of all your accounts in Owner field. Therefore, a respective rate table will be displayed.
    2. In Service Name field, you can filter rate table data not only by Service Name, but also by respective Service Code.

Screenshot: Rates page


  • While creating a new package, you can define its type in Type field: 
    • Customer - this type indicates that services are provided to customers by user's company.
    • Vendor this type indicates that services are provided to user's company by vendors.

Screenshot: Type field

Minor Updates


In the newest version, a set of roles permissions in Roles section has been slighly expanded. Now, Billing data checkbox is available not only for Summary and Orig-Term Reports, but for xDRs List and Routing Analysis as well. When unchecked,  the above-mention reports upon generation won't contain any financial data: rates, taxes, profit, etc.

Rate Tables

  • On the second step of rates import, in Import Settings with enabled AZ mode, user now can set a negative AZ interval (days) field value in order to close active rates with a past date.

Screenshot: Import Settings


  • Earlier, during rate import, if Notes field contained any markers, specified in Close rates marked by field of Settings section, such rate would be closed. In VCS 3.16.0, this feature has been added to Rate field as well.


When receiving xDRs report response through CoreAPI, three additional columns have been added:

  • src_party_id 
  • rate_total
  • custom 

Parameters rendering in batch requests removed
For the purpose of complying with JSON-RPC 2.0 specification, we have deprecated previously existent feature of parameters rendering within batch requests. There is a very little chance that this change may affect you except if you've used CoreAPI integration with batch requests and {$0.x.y.z} syntax for substitution of the parameters.

Provisioning API

In order to prevent performance degradation and data inconsistency, affected by external side, Before event type has been deprecated from Provisioning API section. With an unpdate to the latest version, all existing clients' handlers with Before event type will be substituted by identical handlers with After event type instead.


System Inforamation information block in client's profile has been renamed to General Settings for a higher convenience.

Screenshot: Client's profile

Clients Packages

To facilitate user's experience in the Clients Packages section, a new ID field has been added.

Screenshot: ID field

Archive Management

A range of improvements has been added to the system for the sake of speeding up Archive Management page rendering.

Routing Analysis

Service field in Routing Analysis section is now mandatory. We advise our customers to check if this field is specified in their Reports Templates to avoid any possible issues.

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