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JeraSoft Development is excited to announce the major release of VCS 3.15.0.  This version includes a variety of features and system capabilities for VCS users. The full list of changes is provided below.

Major Updates

Management API - XML-RPC deprecation

We'd like to remind you about a key change that took place in 3.14.0 - support of XML-RPC protocol in Management API was deprecated and it will be completely removed in 3.16.0. At the same time, JSON-RPC is and will be further supported.

Rate Tables

A series of changes and improvements have been introduced to the section, including:

  • In case numerous errors occurred while importing rates, you will be displayed the respective notification:

Screenshot: Error notification

          By clicking on Download file, a .csv file with the following columns is downloaded:

Index number of the sheet, where error occurred
Line of the sheet, where error occurred
Description of the error that occurred

Screenshot: .csv file with detailed error data

(warning)   Attention

Starting from VCS 3.15.0, any rate table will no longer contain Rate Formulas tab, where user was able to specify the number of seconds system would consider as a minute

  • While importing rate tables, a list of columns in Code Rules information block has been renamed, reordered, and enhanced:
    • Service column has been added

    • Effective From column has been added

    • Time Profile column has been renamed to Profile

    • AZ Mode/ Close in (days) column has been moved to Step 2: Import Settings

            In 3.15.0, Code Rules structure is as follows:

Screenshot: Code Rule information block

  • Simulate tab from now on works only with rates, whose status is Active
  • Effective From field has been renamed to Effective Date

Rate Notification

A couple of crucial improvements of Rate Notification service have been added to the this version.

  • From now on, if any rate table (child) in the system has the assigned parent rate table, clients will be notified through Rate Notification service about changes in both tables.

  • If child and parent rate tables both have the rule for the same code, priority is given to a child one. However, if the rule in a child rate table has expired due to End date field value, and a parent rule is still active, notifications will regard the latter one.

DID Management

The following major features have been added to DID Management section:

  • To make DID Management section more versatile, a new Export DIDs button has been added. By pressing the button, a download of a .csv file of current section table is initiated. Not only does the file contain all columns of section table, but it also includes a Package column, where respective package name is indicated.

Screenshot: Export DIDs button

Screenshot:  Package column in exported file

  • Throughout the whole section, namely in the section table, on a DID creation page and during DIDs import/export, Notes field is added. It allows user to leave a detailed clarification or any additional information regarding a certain DID.

  • When selecting rows and columns during DIDs import, now you can specify not only DID columns, but Operators, Status, After Hold, Tag columns as wellCheck out our User Guide for more information.

Screenshot: Rows and Columns select

Client Portal

  • In order to make access to Client Portal easier and less complicated, the following steps have been undertaken:

    • Enable client’s panel checkbox in Settings section has been removed.

    • Access select field from Client profile settings has been deleted.

    • New Password field is now renamed to Password.

    Now, to get into Client Portal, all you need to do is simply set Login and Password fields in Client’s Panel information block of respective profile settings and access the portal. More info on accessing Client Portal can be found in this User Guide article.

  • On the Client Portal, the Detailed page of Usage History section has a completely reworked Package field. Now, you can choose one of the following options from the drop-down list:
  Leave empty
If selected, all calls will be displayed
  Without packages
If selected, only calls that are not included into package will be displayed
  Package name

If selected, only calls within this particular package will be displayed.

(warning)   Note

The number of packages names on the drop-down list depends on the amount of packages assigned to the corresponding user

Screenshot: Package field on Client Portal

Client Packages

  • To keep track of all the changes of package limits, a new Limits History information block has been added. This information is available for user in an Edit Client's Package pop-up window and speculates on the amount of package limits, used during each period.

Screenshot: Limits History information block

  • In earlier versions, if a client had a negative balance, and a new package was assigned to him, this package would not activate. Now, user can assign a package to a client disregarding his current ballance.

Factors Watcher

(warning)   Attention

In the previous version, user could come across an issue when Factors Watcher would block all termination client's accounts instead of termination clients himself according to the watcher rule. In 3.15.0, this issue has been solved.

Minor Updates

ECSS-10 Integration

VCS 3.15.0 introduces a new integration with ECSS-10 Softswitch via RADIUS. A detailed information on this topic can be found in our Integration Manual.

VCS directories

The following JeraSoft VCS directories have been renamed:

  • /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/external/cdrs folder is now /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/external/xdrs

  • /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/external/cdrs_parsed folder is now /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/external/xdrs_parsed

  • /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/external/cdrs_corrupted folder is now  /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/external/xdrs_corrupted

Orig-Term Report

  • Previously, when output type was set to Plain, Orig-Term Report always contained Total row, where total figures for each column were displayed. With the introduction of a new Plain with total output type, it became fully custom. Now, by choosing a desired type, it's you who determine whether a report is going to include a Total row or not.

Screenshot: Total row in Orig-Term Report

Invoices Templates

  • While specifying columns that will be included into xDR file, attached to PDF invoice in Invoice Template, you’ll be able to select Taxes column starting from this version.

Screenshot: Taxes column in Invoices Templates


Since it’s considered a good practice to regulate the process of adding new payments and charges, the Author column has been added to the system. Whenever a new transaction (irrespective of its type) is added manually by a user through Transactions section in JeraSoft VCS or Refill Balance page on JeraSoft Client Portal, his/her name is displayed in the respective column. In case of automatically generated transaction, however, this column is left empty.

Screenshot: Author column in Transactions section

Routing Plan

  • Two additional fields have been added to Advanced Search drop-down menu () in Routing Plan section:

    • Additional DR plan only those routing plans that have the selected plan assigned, as an additional one, will be displayed

    • TERM Client - if the selected termination client is assigned to a plan rule, such DR plan will be displayed

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu in Routing Plan section

Mismatches Report

To make the process of report creation easier for users, it was decided to relocate Search fields from  drop-down menu to a section header right on top of main area. Moreover, Query buttons in main area have been renamed to Query xDR.

Screenshot: Mismatches Report


The following changes have been made to Advanced Search drop-down menu () in Clients and Accounts sections:

  • Clients section:

    • Account IP field has been renamed to Account Name / ANI / IP

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu in Clients section

  • Accounts section:

    • Name, ANI, and IP fields have been united into a single Name / ANI / IP field

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu in Accounts section

Get Support

Now, reaching our support team has become even easier with a new Get Support option. By clicking on Get Support button (see creenshot below) in the bottom-left corner of any page you will be forwarded to the page where you can send trouble ticket by filling in the corresponding form.

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