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JeraSoft Development presents a new major version VCS 3.14.0 with new options and the latest improvements of currently existing features. Below, you can find a complete list of changes. 


Major updates

Events log 

Starting from this version, VCS comes with an updated Events Log functionality and modified Configurations tab. 

  • Events Log toolbar has the possibility to search and filter by tags. These tags are assigned by the system and intended to group similar messages from the different services. As an example, fraud protection might be fired by RADIUS or by Factors Watcher. It is possible to filter by respective tag to get all related messages.
  • Events Log contains an extended logging information of Email Rates Manager events.

    Screenshot: Events Log tab/search settings 
  • Configuration tab has a new user interface and now looks like most of the other sections (see screenshot below)

    Screenshot: Configuration tab settings 
  • Configuration tab has a new "Watch Rule" form with the next modifications:

1) Title could be added to the rule and put into subject of the message. It helps to organize messages in the email client.
2) "Group Limit" option allows to set after how many events under the same rule log message should be sent as a single aggregated message instead of separate e-mails per each log message. 
3) "Details Limit" option allows to set amount of characters for grouped messages.
4) New possibility to configure notification separately for Radius: Fraud Protection by tags.

5) Filters by services, tags, types and messages with POSIX regular expressions (for example, (.*)Telecom.*).


Screenshot: Watch Rule pop-up window settings

For more detailed information about Events Log functionality, visit our User Guide. 

Invoices Template

(warning)   Attention

Be advised that in VCS 3.14.0 {cost_total_gross} functional variable has been renamed to {cost_gross_total}. To prevent any possible issues, please make sure, all your invoices have a correct variable

Rate Tables: Import

From now on, the Import tab has a new user interface. It was reworked to simplify the import experience by providing new and enhanced options and more informative tooltips. The tab supports the following features:

  • import the file (*xls, xlsx) with multiple sheets;
  • import template could be configured for each sheet;
  • new Code Rules sub-panel with advanced settings that could be applied for all codes or specific one: 

    (warning)   Attention

    When you add a code rule and set the value in the fields, it will overwrite parameters specified in the file. If you leave fields empty, it will take the parameters from the file. 

    The column with * code presents the rule with default settings for fields that are NOT selected in the imported file. However, the default values (of this rule) for fields that are selected in the file won't be applicable (see screenshot below).

  • A-Z import mode (that is used to close active or future rates) could be applied for one code.


Screenshot: Import tab settings

DAS SMS Integration

This version brings an extended integration with DAS SMS Gateway, namely, SIP Redirect.

For further configurations, please visit our guide with detailed instructions:  DAS: SIP Redirect Integration

Minor updates

  1. JeraSoft VCS directories have been updated and relocated:

    - VCS files location: /opt/jerasoft/vcs.
    - Client Portal location: /opt/jerasoft/vcs/portal-backend.
    Files from "/usr/local/vcs/var" were moved to /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data. 
    - Files from "/usr/local/vcs/tmp" was relocated to the /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/tmp.

  2. Clients:

    - "Rates Notification" option allows to send changes made in the parent rate table.
    - "Export List" of clients now includes additional fields, such as:
    • NOC E-mail
    • Main E-mail
    • Billing E-mail
    • Rates E-mail
    • Address
    • Create Date
    • Payment Terms
    • Credit
    • Notify Client
    • Notify Admin

     - when deleting a Client's Template that is assigned to other client, system will specifically say which one.
  3. Invoices: new column "Tax" was added to exported *csv file.
  4. Rate Tables: 
    - increased limits up to 2 000 000 for "Min Volume", "Grace Volume", "Interval" fields;
    - the output format of "Prev Diff Status (export)" value was changed. Now, this column shows whether the rate is increased or decreased without a numerical value;
    - rate with an asterisk ( * ) could be added as code.
    - "Effective Date" field is now always filled by a current date by default, which prevents some inconvenient errors during rate import.

  5. Balance Report: added new icon  for service charges. 
  6. Packages: 
    - new possibility to add packages for the terminator. These packages could be used when the terminator has a negative rate;
    - the max length for Packages' name was extended up to 128 characters;
    - appeared "Create charge on" option with different time frames:

    • at pre-activation time (create charge at the moment of period creation);
    • at period start time (create charge at the moment of new period start). 
  7. LCR Lists:
    - when you export the report and tick the "Show Vendors" checkbox, vendors' names will be displayed in the exported *xls/*csv file;

    - report results will be sorted by the rate as default output.
  8. Settings:  
    - "Default invoice fields" and "XDR fields for invoices" fields were removed from the Invoice Settings sub-panel.

    "Message Limit for Events Config" was removed from the Notification and Monitoring sub-panel. 
  9. Routing Plans: the "Parent Routing Plan" parameter was renamed to "Additional Routing Plan". 

  10. Core:
    - added JSON-RPC errors handling mechanism, which allows to properly identify general api errors, external handler errors and validation errors.
    - new API methods are added: upload file, return file info by id, download file by id, return list of files.

  11. Dynamic Routing Manager: up to 25% increased performance in regards to memory usage.

  12. Integrations: Genband SIP collector received support for a "port name" parameter which is additionally present as a separate field in a client account. Support of other soft switches will follow.

  13. Archive Management: "Volume" column is displayed in license-type units (minutes for minute-based License, number of users for user-based, etc).

  14. Taxes Profiles: now you can again create a profile that belongs to "All Resellers".
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