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JeraSoft Development is excited to announce the immediate release of VCS 3.10.7. This document gives an overview of the latest improvements and recent changes to currently existing features. 



The Quick search toolbar of Clients section is modified and you can search clients by their Main e-mail from the full list. To find all clients with specified main e-mail, use * (asterisk) in this field (see screenshot below). 

 Screenshot: Clients section

Rate Tables

We adjusted new mode for Full A-Z import of the Rate Tables.

While importing process the "Extended" mode closes the active (not presented in this import) and future rates (presented in this import) by respective Close date. To enable it, open the Import tab of your rate table and find the "Full A-Z import" option. Then, select "Extended" mode from the drop-down list. 

Screenshot: Import tab/Rate Tables settings

Moreover, you can manage future changes of rates manually. To do so, enable the simple mode of Full A-Z import and import rates. Then, click the "Future changes" button on the toolbar of Rates tab. It will show a list of conflicting rates. On the screenshot below you can find two pairs of conflicting rates because of different effective dates.


Screenshot: Rates tab

Tax Profile 

JeraSoft VCS is integrated with third-party tax calculation engine SureTax. This tax calculation is based on the location of the customer’s taxing jurisdiction. It contains virtually very jurisdictional rate and rule in the US, US territories and Canada. 

New tax profile SureTax is available in the Clients/Resellers settings. SureTax is a tax levied on top of another tax. It allows to manage your compliance with tax law. This profile is used for further calculation in invoices.  To get more details, check out the article "US Taxation".

Screenshot: Client's settings

Invoice Templates

Invoice Templates have a new group "Custom Taxes Table" with variables: name and cost. While creating taxes table, please check the table class should be "suretax_items". 

Screenshot: Invoice Template settings

For proper usage of SureTax, the Invoice Number should contain only Latin and numeric characters. Max length is 40 symbols. Dst and Src Numbers should be in format NPANXXNNNN (10 digits). 

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