In JeraSoft VCS,  permissions inheritance is presented in a tree structure - each Reseller has full access to his child Resellers/Managers' information within his branch and is completely unaware of the data belonging to his parent reseller or any reseller from the other branch. In this article, these permissions will be outlined from the perspective of three crucial VCS elements: resellers' clients, resellers' rate tables and resellers' routing plans. As an example, a root Reseller A with the following hierarchy of sub-resellers, agents and managers will be used.

Screenshot: Reseller A and his sub-resellers/managers

Sub-Reseller A, for instance, can create new clients for Agent A, delete Manager 1's rate tables or change rules in Manager 2's routing plans, but is restricted from obtaining any Reseller A's information. Moreover, since Agent B and C are on a different branch, their data is inaccessible for Sub-Reseller A as well.

Nevertheless, there is a certain exception to the rule regarding reseller's routing plan. By specifying certain child resellers/managers in the Origination Limit field of a routing plan, parent reseller grants them access to this routing plan. If left empty, all child resellers/managers will be able to work with the routing plan.

Screenshot: Origination Limit field in Routing Plan parameters

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