How to handle an alert

If you keep running into the low disk space alert on your system, there are a few ways you can free it up:

1. Statistics rotation from DB into archives. You can find more details on that process here.

2. Moving archived statistic packages to some safe storage.


Please note that an archive consists of two parts:

  • meta info (like /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/archive/bb_stats_19700101_20220521132310_284.tgz.meta.json)
  • the archive itself (like /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/archive/bb_stats_19700101_20220521132310_284.tgz)

It is MANDATORY to move both types of files. You can find the archived data here: /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/archive/ (for older versions: /usr/local/vcs/var/archive/).

3. Moving backup files to some storage place if they are placed in the same partition as the system installed.

4. Removing old logs, old parsed CDRs (also can be moved to external storage if needed), and mails.

These options can be automated with respective parameters in system configuration.


Please be advised that it is strongly recommended to consult our Support Department before moving any files.

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