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Sometimes when you're importing a rate table there is a necessity to close currently active or future rates of the selected rate table. For this specific purpose, AZ Mode has been introduced to Rate Tables section. To configure it, first of all, open Step 2: Import Settings by clicking onicon. 

The next step is to enable AZ Mode since it's disabled by default. While activating, you are suggested to choose its type:

  • Simple (close active rates) mode - active rates from current Rate Table will be closed on the specified AZ close date if they aren't present in this import.
  • Extended (close active and future rates) mode - all already existing future rates will be marked as stashed. Currently active rates (not presented in this import) will be closed by the date specified in AZ close date 

Once the type has been selected, the following fields become active: AZ codes, AZ Interval (days), AZ close date. To make examples more vivid, let's say import date is 01.16.2018, time is 15:10:00, and timezone is UTC (+00:00)

  1. AZ codes - in this field you can specify the exact code(s), AZ Mode is going to be applied to. By default, field value is * (all codes)
  2. AZ interval (day) - consists of 2 fields where you specify time and day when old rates will be closed:
    • Time - choose from a drop-down field:
      • Beginning of the day - if selected, rates will be closed at 00:00:00 of the specified day
      • Import time if selected, rates will closed at 15:10:00 of the secified day
    • Day - specify the interval of days after which rates will be closed. For instance, if you insert 4, rates will be closed at the specified time on 01.20.2018
  3. AZ close date - this field is designed to display time and date of rates closure based on the AZ interval (day) field values. Thus, if your AZ interval (day) is Beginning of the day / 4, in AZ close date will be 2018-01-20 00:00:00+00:00 (see screenshot below)

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