While switching clients between different resellers, it's always important to keep in mind gateway settings. Let's consider the following scenario:

There are 2 resellers, registered in your VCS: Reseller 1 and Resellers 2. In the Gateways field of Reseller 1 profile, three gateways are specified: GW Calls, GW Data, and GW SMS, while Reseller 2 has only one specified gateway - GW Calls (see screenshots).

Screenshot: Resellers profiles


Client A is assigned to Reseller 1 and, when switching to Reseller 2, no issues are expected to happen if he has no additional gateways settings. However, if Client A in his account settings has GW Data specified in the Gateways field, you won't be able to assign him to Reseller 2 due to gateways restrictions, since only GW Calls gateway is available (see screenshot).

Screenshot: Error Notification

Therefore, prior to switching clients between resellers, make sure gateway permissions are not violated.

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