Vendor: Sippy Software

This section provides instructions for configuring Sippy Softswitch integration with VCS platform:

  • Authorization over SIP Redirect
  • SIP Redirect/External Routing
  • Call billing via CDR files

Follow the next steps that should be taken from the VCS side to configure it:

  1. Create a new gateway in the VCS: go to the Integration > Gateways section. 
  2. Then, enable Files Collector and SIP Server checkboxes selecting respective collectors (Sippy and Default RFC collector - Unquoted SIP URI).

 For additional softswitch integration settings, please contact the vendor.

(warning)   Attention

Please note, the first route will only be processed from multiple routes according to the softswitch functionality.


Please note that each field is limited to 255 symbols.
Exceeding this limitation will result in an error, and the record will be skipped.

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