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To set up integration between ECSS-10 and JeraSoft VCS, you need to follow these 2 simple steps:

ECSS-10 CoCon console

First of all, you need to enter CoCon console on ECSS-10 and execute the following commands:

List of commands
domain/<DOMAIN>/aaa/radius/declare jerra_access <BILLING_SERVER_IP> access <RADIUS_SECRET>
domain/<DOMAIN>/aaa/radius/declare jerra_account <BILLING_SERVER_IP> account <RADIUS_SECRET>

domain/<DOMAIN>/aaa/access/set servers add jerra_access
domain/<DOMAIN>/aaa/access/set my_address <ECSS_10_IP>
domain/<DOMAIN>/aaa/access/set enable true

domain/<DOMAIN>/aaa/accounting/set servers add jerra_account
domain/<DOMAIN>/aaa/accounting/set my_address <ECSS_10_IP>
domain/<DOMAIN>/aaa/accounting/set enable true


  • <DOMAIN> - name of virtual automatic telephone exchange
  • <BILLING_SERVER_IP> - IP address of VCS
  • <ECSS_10_IP> - IP address of ECSS-10
domain/main/aaa/radius/declare jerra_access access ssw
domain/main/aaa/radius/declare jerra_account account ssw

domain/main/aaa/access/set servers add jerra_access
domain/main/aaa/access/set my_address
domain/main/aaa/access/set enable true

domain/main/aaa/accounting/set servers add jerra_account
domain/main/aaa/accounting/set my_address
domain/main/aaa/accounting/set enable true

JeraSoft VCS Common

Secondly, you have to define the collector type of your gateway. To do so, go to Gateways section of JeraSoft VCS web interface and open your gateway settings. There, you need to check RADIUS SERVER option and select JeraSoft VCS Common in Collector Type field (as shown on a screenshot below). Finally, confirm all changes by clicking OK.


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