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This article provides configurations for DAS SMS integration with the VCS platform. For proper SIP Redirect integration, you are required to perform these steps:

Instructions on DAS SMS side:

  1. Connect to the SMS Gateway via the command line

    Location of the SMS Gateway
    cd /opt/smsg /das_smsg/jboss-5.1.0GA/
    To open CLI
    /opt/smsg/das_smsg/jboss-5.1.0.GA# ./bin/
    version=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT,name=Das jSS7 CLI,prefix=das,vendor=DasSolutions 
    das>connect SMS_Gateway_IP PORT - version=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT,name=Das jSS7 CLI,prefix=das,vendor=DasSolutions 
    Connected to Das jSS7 CLI 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT DasSolutions Authenticating against configured security realm 
    Username: login 
    Password: ***** 

       2. Create the SIP HOST for the VCS

To open CLI
/opt/smsg/das_smsg/jboss-5.1.0.GA# ./bin/

das(SMS_Gateway_IP:PORT)> smsg sip create JeraSoft JeraSoft host port 5060 
das(SMS_Gateway_IP:PORT)> smsg sip shows 

SIP name=jeraSoft clusterName=JeraSoft host= JeraSoft_IP port=5060 networkId=-1 started=true 
routingTon=-1 routingNpi=-1 routingAddress= countersEnabled=false chargingEnabled=false

       3. Activate the billing module for the VCS

das(SMS_Gateway_IP:PORT)>smsg set billingSystem JeraSoft 
das(SMS_Gateway_IP:PORT)>smsg get billingSystem 


Instructions on the VCS side 

To become integrated and use DAS SMS Gateway for billing events, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Integration - Gateways.

    Screenshot: Gateways section

  2. Click the New Gateway button on the toolbar.
  3. Fill in the gateway settings form:
    1. Specify general information for a gateway.
    2. Select SMS parameter in the Service field.

    3. Enable SIP Server and select DAS SMS in the Collector Type field.
    4. Click Apply.

Screenshot: Creating new gateway settings

List of Error Codes
Here you can find a list of various error codes when the SMS attempt is rejected on the VCS side:
				None: (69, 'unknown reason'),
                101: (101, 'unknown caller account'),
                111: (111, 'caller account is disabled'),
                112: (112, 'caller is disabled'),
                113: (113, 'caller reseller is disabled'),
                201: (201, 'unknown destination'),
                211: (211, 'destination is blocked'),
                221: (221, 'not enough funds'),
                231: (231, 'destination to allowed for reseller'),
                232: (232, 'not enough funds for reseller'),
                301: (301, 'no caller capacity'),
                401: (401, 'no routes found')


Please note that each field is limited to 255 symbols.
Exceeding this limitation will result in an error, and the record will be skipped.

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